Shine Through Habits Program

A year-long guided transformational journey exploring self-care habits

Say yes to you! We spend a year diving into your life’s desires and dreams and how your daily habits and rhythms support or sabotage you.  We use the science of Ayurveda and behavior to shift what is not working, as well as the concepts of habit triggers and identity evolution to create new habits which inspire you to take daily action steps in the direction you choose.  We are a dynamic group who are interested in moving towards a more vibrant life. Join us to experience more joy, fun and fulfillment on a daily basis.

What's In It For You?

  • Knowing you are not alone, be seen and heard by attending our weekly online gatherings.

  • You will achieve consistency in implementing the habits by opening the weekly email and taking the action steps outlined.

  • Ease your overwhelm by using the tip sheets and step by step guides to implement the habits.

  • Know and understand the science behind the habits with access to my mentor, Cate Stillman’s resource hub

  • Have your wins, insights, learnings challenges and questions be heard and land in a safe place by responding on the private FB group page

  • Overcome self sabotage by creating supportive habits for you with one on one monthly coaching calls.

  • Experience weekly success with your specific action steps to reach your goals through weekly message check ins

  • Succeed in not feeling alone and that someone speaks your language with an accountability partner to connect with.

  • Invest in yourself twice by receiving 25% off Spherical Healing events.

  • Build you own knowledge and wisdom around Ayurveda and you with weekly what and why videos of each habit from my mentor and author of the Body Thrive book

What past members have to say about the program

"This program has been what I needed in my life. The habits are easy and many of them I’ve attempted in the past but they never stuck. But being a part of this program, the book, the calls, the support and accountability has allowed me to succeed and see the changes I wanted in my life. I’m excited to continue on this journey! "


~ KK

"This program and the people in it are amazing. The content is delivered well, the program is excellent and the support of the leadership and the group is outstanding. If you are going to take a journey for your self, these are the people to have on that journey with you. Zero judgement, zero negative pressure and nothing but positive support to participate where you are and how you are."


~ SS