Shine Your Values

A monthly plan to help you change

This is a monthly membership to support you in slow gradual change over time as you move towards thrive and away from survival.

This course is for you if you're able to take information and easily create automated habits which last a lifetime.

More about the program:

  • Nobody should have to feel like they are the only one, so this course includes optional weekly calls to connect with like minded individuals with a focus on daily habits and living our value. 

  • I get it, our lives are busy and we want something supportive that doesn’t add to our overwhelm. The weekly email supports this by giving you tidbits of info to get curious about based on Ayurveda, habit change, behaviour science and values. 

  • Have your wins, insights, learnings challenges and questions be heard and land in a safe place by responding on the private FB group page.

What past members have to say about Carman

This program has been what I needed in my life. The habits are easy and many of them I’ve attempted in the past but they never stuck. But being a part of this program, the book, the calls, the support and accountability has allowed me to succeed and see the changes I wanted in my life. I’m excited to continue on this journey! 

~ KK

This program and the people in it are amazing. The content is delivered well, the program is excellent and the support of the leadership and the group is outstanding. If you are going to take a journey for your self, these are the people to have on that journey with you. Zero judgement, zero negative pressure and nothing but positive support to participate where you are and how you are.

~ SS