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We all have the ability to take another step and live even more in our potentiality, no matter where you are, you have read this far - to be more, give more, serve more.

Let’s help you step into your next level of potential.


Don't delay, start your dreams (step into your potential) today!

W E E K  F O U R

Taking the Action Steps to Boost Your Immune System

What gets scheduled gets done. In the last lesson we discussed your immune system and some of the habits which deplete it even more.

In this day and age, there is a pill available which claims it will fix almost anything. The problem with that is it isn’t dealing with the root issue of why you have those pains or symptoms. It has been my personal experience when your body feels a bit off, it is giving you a message that it is not happy with something. So listen to it! Often, we know exactly what we are doing to make our bodies unhappy. We just choose to look the other way and make excuses.

So stop making the excuses! You only get one body and when you don’t listen to the little signals and signs, they get bigger and bigger until you have a problem you need to live with for the rest of your life.

So look at the list from the last lesson again and get real about what you need to shift:

  • Being sleep deficient

  • "Pushing through" fatigue instead of taking rest

  • Overscheduling and overwhelm

  • Using caffeine, sugar, or chocolate (including dessert) to get a first, second, or third wind

  • Habitually worrying and stressing out

  • Eating haphazardly instead of on a regular schedule

  • Perpetuating unhealthy relationships

  • Lacking self-confidence and indulging in negative self talk

  • Stagnation of bodily fluids from not enough daily movement

  • Shallow breathing

Use this worksheet to walk you through it.

Nervous System Action Steps
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