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We all have the ability to take another step and live even more in our potentiality, no matter where you are, you have read this far - to be more, give more, serve more.

Let’s help you step into your next level of potential.


Don't delay, start your dreams (step into your potential) today!

W E E K  F O U R

Ojas and Your Immune System

So, let's talk tiny action steps.

What is Ojas?

According to Cate Stillman's page 244 of Body Thrive: "It is our deep, vital energy reserve, which sustains physical and psychological stability and endurance and enables immunity, endurance, calm and contentment. It is the fuel for health and growth.”

We know the list below depletes our Ojas and compromises our immune system:

  • Being sleep deficient

  • "Pushing through" fatigue instead of taking rest

  • Overscheduling and overwhelm

  • Using caffeine, sugar, or chocolate (including dessert) to get a first, second, or third wind stimulator

  • Habitually worrying and stressing out

  • Eating haphazardly instead of on a regular schedule

  • Perpetuating unhealthy relationships

  • Lacking self-confidence and indulging in negative self talk

  • Stagnation of bodily fluids from not enough daily movement

  • Shallow breathing

Let’s do something about it!

Choose one from the list above and create an action step to begin to STOP doing it.

Again, this is a great time to book that one-on-one laser coaching call with me to create a success plan for this step.

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