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We all have the ability to take another step and live even more in our potentiality, no matter where you are, you have read this far - to be more, give more, serve more.

Let’s help you step into your next level of potential.


Don't delay, start your dreams (step into your potential) today!

W E E K  F O U R

Mindfulness & Meditation

Mindfulness is about being present in what you are doing in this moment instead of doing one thing and thinking about something else. And yes, this is very simplified. So, when you are brushing your teeth, pay attention to brushing your teeth. Yep, it can be that simple. Give it a try.

Meditation can be a game changer. For me, it is often like a three-hour nap and I’ve only used 10-20 minutes instead of the full three (3) hours. And you don’t need to do it for long periods of time. Two (2) minutes is enough to start with. I use Insight Timer, which is a free app with thousands of guided meditations. Or if I’m choosing to sit in silence, I will set a timer on my phone for two minutes and sit quietly, often with my eyes closed. And know that for most people, the mind will not be quiet for those whole two minutes.

Here are a few of my guided meditations:

2 Minutes of Sitting in Silence (2 minutes) -

Define Your Success Meditation (5 minutes) -

Relaxing Globe Meditation (9 minutes) -

Dosha Qualities Meditation (10 minutes) -

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