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Architect Your Classrooom

balance your classroom and home life with Confidence, Energy, and Creativity.

Are you dreading another day in your classroom with your students?


Do you feel drained and depleted when you arrive home?


Do you find yourself thinking or saying…

I have no community who “gets it” both in and out of the classroom

I feel like I have to do it all!

I know what to do, I just can’t make it happen.

I want consistent habits which keep me healthy but can’t find the time or energy.


Hello, I'm Carman Murray

I help lifelong learners like you create healthy habits to unlock your full potential in a truly fulfilling way.


As a former teacher myself, I’ve felt the pressure you face in your life and career.

  • Pressure to do it all perfectly.

  • Pressure to pour out all your energy.

  • Pressure to balance work and family.


You know what you need to do, but you just don’t know how to make it happen.


Your energy, confidence, and health have paid the price.
I want to help you get them back.  ARE YOU READY?

In Architect Your Classroom, we will…


  • Connect with like-minded teachers to overcome your classroom challenges.

  • Get clear on your unique balance of home vs school

  • Build confidence by shifting your beliefs about yourself, your students, and how you define success.

  • Create realistic goals supported by achievable daily habits.


When you join us, you’ll get all the tools, strategy, and accountability you need to overcome resistance, build capacity for success, and realize your next level of potential. I know you have the wisdom and power to seize the opportunity and make it happen…

Here’s what you get over a year of Architect Your Classroom…

  • Bi-Monthly Mastermind Call for Teachers tap into the power of the room by problem-solving, idea-sharing, and strategizing to bring back your excitement and love for teaching.

  • Classroom PD Full Day Workshop (2/year) to support you in your planning and implementation within your classroom.

  • Value-packed content, delivered weekly, to help you unpack and shift your beliefs and values to align with your life purpose.  (no cookie-cutter templates!) Read and implement each lesson as it fits into your life.

  • Amplify Weekly live group coaching calls to help you strategize, create, and implement habits. Benefit from the power of the group as we discuss each week’s lesson and bring change-making topics to the table.

  • Fire Up Your Dreams Full Day Workshop (3 times/year)  to support you in realizing your potential and getting clear on your current vision for your life and creating an action plan to bring it to fruition.

  • Quarterly Live Meet Ups connect with fellow group members in person to deepen relationships.

  • Accountability and connection in our dynamic group setting. This is a safe place to land for all your questions, challenges, and wins as you work through your unique process.

  • # 1:1 personalized coaching calls to hone in on your specific hurdles and how you can overcome them. We will work together to create a plan that works for you.

Don’t delay – step into your full potential today!

You’ve read this far, so I know you deeply desire to find balance

in both your personal and professional lives. 

Step out of your comfort zone and be the best in both worlds.

Payment plans are available and
you may be able to take advantage

of your unused PD funds to help cover your investment.

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